Bona Lounge


Latin American flavors, the most beautiful view of Trakai Castle and unforgettable sunsets


The tradition of world-famous resorts

From the popular island of Bali to the trendy Tulum in Mexico, sunshine, tasting exotic cocktails and gourmet food, is a tradition you will find in one of the most beautiful resorts in Lithuania - Trakai, with the best view of the historic

Latin American cuisine straight from the grill!

The Bona Relaxeria menu features a whole bouquet of temperamental American flavors, from the popular tacos, Brazilian moqueca soup to Peruvian fresh ceviche and distant Columbia quisine. You can also taste the kibin cousins ​​- empanadas. Most dishes are served directly from the grill.

Summer terrace!

In summer, "Bona Relaxeria" is particularly popular for its outdoor terrace. For a snack, guests can sit comfortably at a table, sit in satchels on the lake shore or raft, touch the grass or even dip their feet in the lake.

J. Lopez menu

Renowned chef Javier Lopez, who has worked in different parts of the world for almost 20 years, came to "Bona Relaxeria" to dive into the world of Latin American gastronomy and invite you to taste gourmet and quality food straight from the grill.

Our cocktails - for your perfect sunset!

"Bona Relaxeria" is famous not only for the special location with the best view of Trakai Castle but also for its amazing cocktails! All this guarantees the most memorable summer evenings in Trakai!

You order at the bar yourself - faster and easier

Sometimes you just want to be free and manage your time to your own pace. Hearing your needs, the idea of self-service was born - you order food and pick it up at the bar. You no longer have to wait for a waiter!


Pasquale Palamaro

Chef mentor, Italy

Juris Dukalskis

Chef mentor

Rado Mitro

Chef mentor

Sergio Bastard

Chef mentor Spain

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